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What Is "Glocal" Content Marketing & How It Helps International Brands

What Is “Glocal” Content Marketing & How It Helps International Brands

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With the ongoing digital disruption, content marketing has transformed a lot and how companies used to promote their services or products is changing significantly. Regardless of company size, business owners are seeking new ways to acquire more customers and boost their sales.

One such powerful tactic is Glocal and it brings several cutting-edge benefits to international brands to sell more and gain trust faster in local regions. If you are new to this concept, then don’t worry as we have got you covered. In this article, we will deep dive into what is Glocal and how international brands can benefit from it.

What is Glocal

Glocal is a complex marketing strategy in which global companies use a combination of global and local influence by leveraging localization technology and strategic planning. Using Glocal strategies, a global brand gets massive opportunities to root their foundation in the regional market using their international reputation and high-quality products or services.

The glocal strategy works for the international brand because they already have a higher reputation in their regional domain. When they launch their services in other regions, they don’t need to market themselves from scratch.

There are multiple factors that help international brands gain more recognition in local regions and build the audience base faster. Some of the key reasons how it helps international brands are as follow:

Earns Trust Faster

The biggest benefit of using this strategy to target a new audience set is that companies take less time to form firm trust among them. As the international brands are already doing good in their geo domain, it’s easier for them to form a foundation and start attracting new customers.

Most people consider international products or services to be of high standard and quality. This factor helps companies to take a competitive advantage in the local market and outperform the existing players. Because of the higher reputation in the international market, companies can easily tell their journey and why their products are the best of the rest.

More Recurring Sales

The glocal strategy leverages a set of local and international tactics to build an audience base that becomes loyal after a period of time. As the companies have the chance to launch their products at competitive pricing, the sales grow without any aggressive marketing. This is a cutting-edge advantage that international brands have when they go local across multiple regions.

Once the company gains trust and establishes itself as a go-to brand among the audience. Brands can establish recurring sales among different locations by using Glocal strategies. Be it a fast-food chain, or a SaaS company, the scope of making higher sales is substantial with this strategy.

More Brand Authority

Compared to traditional marketing campaigns, it’s much easier and cost-effective for companies to launch their business in different locations and start getting higher recognition. With the advancement of the internet, most consumers are aware of several international brands. This is a cutting-edge advantage for business owners to present products in front of these customers and make more sales.

This strategy improves the overall brand authority and helps companies to gain instant trust by providing good service and customer care. Several established brands are using Glocal tactics to grow their authority organically among new customers. The main advantage international companies have is the capability to outperform local brands by offering products at competitive pricing.

It Boosts SEO

Regardless of company size, it has become challenging for business owners to have robust SEO implementation to grow their visibility and sales. The glocal strategy helps companies to improve their SEO as local SEO strategies come into execution and it boosts the overall execution. SEO packages help companies to broaden their SEO reach by targeting local keywords combined with the higher domain authority they already have in place.

For international brands that are trying to capture local leads need to follow the strategy to integrate local SEO tactics with their international SEO. It helps in standing out from the crowd and make higher sales through online and offline channels.

Easier to Scale Business

Several localization technologies are available that help brands effortlessly translate their content in any regional language without messing up with the quality. Using these technologies, it becomes easier for brands to scale their business without reworking from scratch and gain market share faster.

Compared to the traditional business expansion processes, Glocal is a cutting-edge way to scale the business faster and keep the brand value and storytelling intact. 

Glocal is the future of marketing tactics that is powerful, performance-driven, and profitable. International companies start utilizing it to gain higher traction among new audiences and make more sales. In the upcoming time, we will have more brands using it as a core marketing tactic to introduce their products in different locations. Glocal can help brands to cut the local competition and introduce themselves as a more value-driven alternative to the existing products or services.

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