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6 Ways To Celebrate Siblinghood This Raksha Bandhan

6 Ways To Celebrate Siblinghood This Raksha Bandhan

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The festival of siblings, that is, Raksha Bandhan, is commemorated across the country with much aplomb. This bond defines the sacred relationship between siblings. Moreover, siblings with the same level of mental craziness is a total blessing. We can share anything and everything with our siblings without even any hesitation. Your sibling is always by your side no matter how bad you may fight at times. This is a very special sibling bond. This festival brings a lot of joy and immense happiness in our life. Whether getting an online rakhi delivery for your sibling or taking them out on a trip would be the best way to commemorate the auspicious festival. In India, it is the festival of raksha bandhan that holds this significance of siblinghood, however, there are many other rituals and festivals which celebrate this sacred bond of a brother and sister in other various forms. Let’s discuss how this bond is commemorated in 5 other ways. Essentially, the principal of the festival is the same everywhere which is to love and care about siblings. So, let’s get started! 

  • Lumba Rakhi Rajasthan:

The festival of Lumba rakhi holds great significance when it comes to the bond of siblings. The underlying story of this festival again is all about the love and protecting sisters by brothers. However, here it is the equal responsibility of the sister in law to protect the sister. This festival helds its importance in binding the family. The wife of the brother is made an integral part of many festivities and her presence in the family makes it more glorious and happy. 

  • Nag Panchami In South:

Nag Panchami also known as Garuda panchami has a very similar concept to that of Raksha Bandhan. Snakes are primarily worshipped by offering them milk. The meaning of Nag here is snake and panchami means 5th day. It originated from the fact that farmers used to fall prey to venomous snakes during the rainy season. So, people started worshipping snakes to find a solution for the problem. Later, the belief evolved into a celebration of sibling bond. Sisters pay offerings like milk, sweet, flowers to Lord Shiva and thus pray for the well-being of their brother. People also keep fasts for the sake of their brothers. 

  • Bheemana Amavasya in Karnataka:

This is another form of rakhi that has been celebrated in Karnataka from time immemorial. The brother is asked to sit on a wooden plank under the main door of the house. He is supposed to break the item/bhandara with his elbow. This is then followed by the arthi and tilak done by the sister. You can get online rakhi delivery in Lucknow to add a special element if you are wondering to celebrate bheemana amavasya while staying in Lucknow. 

  • Janaeu Purnima in Nepal:

This festival just does not confine to siblings but is celebrated with the entire family. Members of the family pay their obeisance while praying to lord Shiva. All family members tie thread on one another’s wrist and the underlying meaning of this festival is all about respect and protection.

  • Anna Chellela in Andhra Pradesh:

This festival is often held on the 3rd or 4th day after Diwali. Again, this festival is significant for the relationship between brothers and sisters. A holy turmeric thread is tied on the wrists of brothers. Delicious meals and exchanging of gifts are followed by the rituals as a sign of affection and love. 

  • Bhau-Beej in Maharashtra:

This festival is famous among Marathis, Gujaratis and Nepalis and is celebrated on the 5th day of Diwali. This festival quite resembles the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Gifts are presented to sisters by brothers on this day. So, get online rakhi gift delivery in Gurgaon for your siblings to make their day special and delightful. 

So, likewise, national siblings day is celebrated in the US to commemorate the bond between siblings. The importance of sibling love is celebrated worldwide in various different forms. 

Make your siblings happy and loved with your gestures and get closer to them. Cherish your bond with your siblings day in and day out. So, make your siblings feel protected and safe and make this festival special. 


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