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11 Creative Ways to Be More Productive | Business Post Hub

11 Creative Ways to Be More Productive

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Creativity is something that is done by mind or head, which gives solutions or possibilities to problems. Creative peoples are all around the world; doing something beyond imagination or different from the others can be defined as creativity.

If you use these 11 crazy (but true) stuff about ten creative ways to be more productive, you will be more productive in your daily life.

  1. To-do list and not-to-do list :
  • To-do list: It is much more convenient for you to build a to-do list when operating regularly. The To-do list helps to manage your projects and deadlines, reminding you that your daily life should be even more productive. So, in many ways, making a to-do list will benefit you.
  •  Not to-do list: The non-to-do list will benefit you by not being distracted by something, and it will also save you time and money. For individuals who can easily be distracted by their cell phones, having a not-to-do list is very useful.
  1. Prioritize tasks to do first: You and your concentration can be overwhelmed by anything at a time, and this is how you end up not getting good results from your work. So essentially, first you have to prioritize your tasks(things) to do. You can easily reach or handle the deadline for your project with the help of priority work. Creative action needs time, but you will be addicted to it if you start to do it regularly. 
  2.  Make your routine: Routine is the primary thing to do when you look forward to your life being prosperous. Effective life comes from a fundamental daily routine so that you can make a routine and know your way around. This is how you can bring more innovation and productivity to your life. Routine will assist you in following the simple to-do list and can also assist you to follow the non-to-do list.
  3. Read in the morning: Morning is the time when you feel sluggish and low sometimes, so the best thing in the morning to inspire yourself is to start reading. With awareness and inspiration, it is going to benefit you. All over the world, there is so much motivational and insightful material, so reward yourself with a book or novel and begin reading, and it will undoubtedly benefit you. 
  4.  Learn to say no: If you are burdened with too much work, then learn to say no if you do not reach the deadline. For you and other people, it is much more helpful. So learning to say no is how you can tell the other person if you can’t reach the deadline.
  • Sounds good, but sorry
  • I am sorry I can’t right now, but I’ll let you know when I can
  • Regrettably, I am not able to
  • I am honoured, but I can’t
  • I appreciate the invitation, but I am entirely booked.
  • Sounds great, but I can’t commit
  • No, thank you, but it sounds lovely.
  1. Upskill yourself every day: Many people around the world look forward to replacing you, and I’m sure you don’t want to be an easily replaceable person. So it would be best if you upskilled yourself every day. Try to learn new stuff, new skills, and understand your way around. And you can hold yourself around with the aid of acquiring information. It will improve your awareness and abilities. 
  2.  Unwind and calm the mind while sleeping: It is much more vital for you as a person to have a quality rest period. When working, it will assist you. So quiet your mind before going to bed and enjoy yourself. It will give you the highest quality of sleep. For each human, health is more critical, which is why the mind relaxes and calms while sleeping is necessary.
  3. Do one small thing: In the coming years, one little thing in your daily life will support you. In your productive life, small stuff at work make a big difference. This is how you can sustain your career at work. All the little things in the coming years will pay for your hard work. So start doing little things like writing, reading, music etc.
  4. Time management: In any person’s life, time management plays a critical role. It will surely benefit you if you plan your time for your job and observe it every day. Since time is even more valuable in today’s situation, manage your time to make a quick to-do list and execute it regularly.
  5. Stress management: Don’t worry about your job too much and make it look like stress. Reward yourself by watching movies, reading books, playing sports, etc. This is how you can handle your workload and get away from stress. Stress is something every person goes through, but you have to get through it, and that’s how you can be more efficient.
  6. Silent your phone while working: If your cell phone easily distracts you, then this is a tip for you. When working, please turn your mobile phone off or silent. This is how the quality of your work will improve and allow you to be more efficient towards your work. 
  7.  Take a break(bonus tip): Then take a break when working on the project if you want fruitful work and it allows you to improvise your ideas, create new ideas and refresh yourself. It is, therefore, essential to take breaks when expecting your project to work with the highest creative efficiency.


manage your projects

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