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5 Podiatry EMR Recommendations To Improve Your Workflow

5 Podiatry EMR Recommendations To Improve Your Workflow

Podiatry EMR

All specialty practices need EMR. However, not all EMR software is built to adapt to the needs of specialty clinics. However, when it comes to podiatry, we’ve compiled a list of the best Podiatry EMR you can use. Read through this article to learn more!

What Does An EMR Do?

An EMR (also known as an electronic medical record) is a software system used by practices. This software allows them to maintain their patient data in a convenient and organized way. What used to be paper charts and reports have been converted into a digital file of sorts that contains all the patient information.

Why Do I Need EMR for Podiatry Practices?

Just like any other practice, you will need an EMR by your side to keep things running smoothly at the clinic. An EMR can help you handle things like practice management, clinical care, scheduling, and billing.

Podiatry EMR helps specialists like you get the best out of what EMR has to offer. This also comes with added benefits specific to your specialty, that allow you to create dynamic patient records. With the specialty specific software, you also get to utilize tools you need to provide improved care to your patients.

For example, as a podiatrist, you need to be aware of patient data. This is particularly true when the data relates to the health of their leg, ankle, and foot region. Like most EMR, you have numerous options when it comes to Podiatry EMR. What EMR you choose can depend on the features that you are on the lookout for.

Podiatry EMR Features to Look Out For

Every type of Podiatry EMR comes with a set of features, but there are some core tools you will need as you navigate workflow. Here are some of the common features that benefit Podiatry clinics in terms of EMR:

Workflow Management Specific to Podiatry Clinics

You have a set workflow at your practice. You do things your way, have certain standards for work set, and store data how you want. It is essential that the EMR you choose reflects that. You can always opt for EMR that differs, but that will mean an upheaval of norms at your clinic. It is instead better to look for a more adaptable solution.

The idea is, that the EMR should speed up processes at your practice. Whatever work you do, it should make it smoother and seamless. And the catch is, this can’t happen at the expense of your work or patient experience.

Ability to Create Specialty Specific Templates

You need to collect data from your patients. This means that you are looking for certain information that can help you provide better care. For example, at your clinic, you will be less concerned with the kind of questions suited to a pediatrics clinic. Therefore, a feature to look out for is customizable templates or a range of templates available.

The templates you are looking for will ask for information relating to podiatry procedures and diagnoses. This can include bunions, fractures, sprains, gout, and more.

Availability of Useful Informative Diagrams

Your patients do not come into the clinic knowing intricate details about the human body. Therefore, it is always handy to have information on hand that can be used to explain podiatry problems. The availability of educational material will help your patients stay up to speed. This can also help them feel included and create a strong bond with the doctor.

A good EMR system will include detailed foot and leg diagrams you can use to explain problems to patients.

Our Recommendations for Podiatry EMR

Now that you know exactly what to look out for, let’s move on to our recommendations. These are the solutions that have the best Podiatry reviews, making them leaders in specialty EMR provision.

athenahealth EMR

One of the leading vendors of EMR software is athenahealth. This is software that is extremely adaptable to various settings, whether specialty areas or practice size. The platform includes a suite that gives you practice management, electronic medical record management, RCM and more.

The entire platform is secure and HIPAA compliant and is perfect if you want to improve on patient experience. You have plenty of tools at your disposal to engage your patients, doctors, and staff alike when using athenahealth.

Cerner EMR

We cannot talk about Podiatry EMR without mentioning Cerner. This is a software provider designed for hospitals and clinical systems. Cerner has all the features you need to manage both the clinical and administrative side of things.

Cerner is available to you in three modules – the Ambulatory EHR, the CareTracker, and finally, Cerner Millenium. Each of these tackle different practice sizes and offer solutions that doctors would need at the stage of growth in small, medium, and large clinics.


With experience that spans back decades, PrognoCIS is a powerful EMR provider. It offers modules of various software, which include Practice Management, EMR, and a dynamic patient portal. The software is meaningful use certified and HIPAA compliant as well.

PrognoCIS is remotely accessible software that can be used at any time. It can also take ease your administrative work, with features like scheduling and online prescription.

Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is a beloved EMR provider that comes next in our list of Podiatry EMR. The software is well integrated with other billing solutions, and offers an easy-to-use provider experience. Practice Fusion is also available as an app for tablet devices.

Some of the features of Practice Fusion include online prescriptions, patient charts, scheduling options, and more. As a user of the software, you get access to round the clock customer support, with a dedicated team.

ChartLogic EMR

ChartLogic is a pioneer in EMR software. The company creates solutions that can help physicians carry out work in a paperless, modern clinic. The EMR software can be integrated within their suite, or used on its own.

A standout feature of ChartLogic is that it is created with both the ease of the doctor and the patient. It is a relatively affordable option for small practices and includes key features to make work easy. An example of this is the voice recognition tools available through the software.

What EMR Should I Go For?

There are a lot of EMR options listed here, so it’s reasonable to feel a bit confused! For more clarity on which Podiatry EMR you should invest in, you can check out their demos and reviews. You can also create a list of features you are looking for and match up potential EMR to see which one is the best fit for you.


Podiatry EMR

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