Are Frauds Like Phishing Attacks Rising Along With Technology And How To Protect Yourself From It?

phishing meaning

With the introduction of newer technologies, scammers somehow manage to find loopholes in them. By using these loopholes they try to con the users who are not fully aware of the usage and limitations of the technologies they are using. For example, when email was first discovered, it enthralled people across the world as it provided new means of communication to them. However, with time, scammers found ways such as email phishing to access the personal and financial data of countless people. If you don’t know phishing meaning, you can think of it as cunning, secretive, and unethical ways that are adopted to steal your financial data.

If you are also worried about the increasing phishing attack cases that are carried out with the help of email, telephone, SMS, and other platforms and means of communication, you must use phishing prevention ideas like avoiding emails and calls of unknown people, not entertaining scammers who try to gather your personal information via social media or calls, integrating multi-layered authentication checks during financial transactions, etc.

Despite all these methods, it might be hard to stop a phishing attack sometimes. When you cannot determine how to prevent phishing permanently, you can always subscribe to a wallet care plan such as the one introduced by Bajaj Finserv. On subscribing to this insurance policy, you will get access to anti-phishing tools and coverage against the losses incurred due to fraudulent activities. The key highlights of the wallet care policy from Bajaj Finserv are given below:

Protection for your payment cards

  • If someone steals your credit/debit card or you lose it then you can block it instantly to avoid any unnecessary transactions. This facility can also be used if you suspect an unauthorized transaction from your payment cards.
  • This plan also includes the provision of SIM card blocking that can be utilized on loss or theft of mobile phones or SIM cards.

Complete protection from frauds

  • The wallet care plan from Bajaj Finserv includes coverage up to Rs. 2,00,000 against all types of phishing, PIN-based fraudulent activities, online frauds, etc. You will get such a high coverage at a minimal cost or premium which you will have to pay every year.
  • Also, it gives a coverage of up to Rs. 1,00,000 against fraudulent transactions that are carried out with or without your credit/debit cards.
  • This plan also includes a replacement of a PAN card without paying anything if someone steals your PAN Card or if you lose it without your wallet.

Advance for emergencies

  • This wallet care policy provides you with an advance if you need financial help due to an emergency during an abroad tour or trip within the country. This advance will enable you to clear your bills and you may also book your travelling tickets with it.
  • You will be also eligible for a cash benefit during an emergency if you are travelling within India. The important documents that contain your financial or private data can also be registered under this plan.

Online payment options

  • You need not step outside your house to pay the premium anymore as the wallet care plan offered by Bajaj Finserv lets you pay it through UPI, credit card, debit card, net banking, mobile wallet, and other online payment modes that are feasible for you.
  • Moreover, you can even subscribe to this plan online by utilizing the application form provided on the official website of Bajaj Finserv. All these benefits and uses make it one of the best ways to stay secure from rising incidents of phishing.


phishing meaning

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