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5 Keys and Tool to keep in Mind When Making Logo | Guest Post Feed

5 Keys and Tool to keep in Mind When Making Your Logo

A logo is not just any visual element within a brand. This plays a fundamental role in bringing the company to the public. A successful company must create a homogeneous identity, which allows its consumers to identify its products or services.

There are several ways to create this identity, but logos are undoubtedly the fundamental elements of it. There are several important aspects of creating and developing logos, such as the color, the icon, and the shape. Still, before talking about this, we will first see what a logo is and why it is so important for the company.

The role of graphic design

Graphic design is the combination of tools, techniques, and knowledge that communicates the company’s values to the public. It creates messages through images that share something, and that helps brands reach their consumers.

Today graphic design has a close relationship to advertising since the former becomes a tool that helps the latter communicate clearly and virtually the messages that the brand wants to convey to its target audience.

One of the roles that graphic design plays within a company is creating logos, corporate identity, and the visual part of branding or the conglomeration of elements that link the brand with its symbols, colors, values, etc.

A good logo design service can lead a company or brand to increase its sales. Well, if it manages to convey the philosophy of the company properly, the public will automatically identify the image of the brand wherever it is.

The graphic design then, in addition to analyzing the appropriate color for the brand and its logo, will also be responsible for creating the advertising pieces that will inform and motivate consumers to buy its services or products.

What is a logo?

A logo is understood as the set of images and letters that make up the symbol that identifies a company, business, brand or institution, etc. 

Why is a logo important for a company?

It does not matter if a company has a quality service, uses excellent content marketing strategies or has the best work policies. Without a logo that defines, represents and expresses its values, it is destined to remain unknown.

However, making your own logo is not an easy task. But if you learn some principles on designing logos and tools, this job would be more comfortable.

Here are some critical points for creating a logo that makes its way into your market.

So far, we have talked about the indisputable importance of a logo within the company, especially today where standing out from the competition is more complicated than in previous times.

Let’s move on to the minimum requirements that the development of a good logo must have:

1. Know the essence of the company

The first and most fundamental thing before even starting the design is the conceptualization of the logo. For this, we must know the company in-depth, what it sells, what message it wants to give, who buys its products, where it is located, etc.

A design cannot be made in isolation or without a direction to follow, 

if the brand is not represented correctly by the logo, it will be destined to fail in the media.

2. The message behind the design

Each logo you know has a more in-depth idea or meaning. That is, it must communicate the company’s message at a glance. Today, brand consumers demand more values ​​from them. That is why the logo should not be limited solely to being a visual representation.

This must be able to transmit the values or even feelings of the brand through it. This will allow the public to identify with the brand more easily.

3. Avoid trends

The main thing in a logo is that it remains in the collective memory for a long time. Fashions or trends are short-lived and tend to be easily forgotten. That is why a good logo design must be timeless.

This balance between the timeless and the current will allow the logo’s redesign throughout its life to be just a few tweaks and only to adjust it to the new emerging audiences.

4. The design must be versatile

A good logo is one that does not lose its proportion no matter what size it is placed in. Its versatility lies in its being legible wherever it is, from an advertisement on the street to the cap of a pen.

5. Being different is the rule

The logo must be able to express not only the value and credibility of a company but also its uniqueness. This must be able to differentiate the brand from others, sell and attract, like the public, and create a link with it.

Then, when you can create your logo if you want to do it by yourself. Sure, DesignEvo can be helped. You can use this tool to customize your logo since DesignEvo is exclusive in allowing non-designer to make logos in minutes.

How does DesignEvo work?

To manage DesignEvo to work for you is effortless. Just access its website and then click the button Make a Logo and then to choose a template to customize. After that, you can personalize your logo according to your needs. When all things are ready-designed, you can preview and download it. Sounds super easy? Yes, with this, you can do your job so quickly.


Well, the above is all tips and tool for you to create logos. Wish you can find some ideas for your logo projects. And if you want to DIY your logo, then DesignEvo really worth your try.


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