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How to Build White Label Fantasy Sports Software? | Busienss Post Hub

How to Build White Label Fantasy Sports Software?

how to build white label fantasy sports software

The fantasy sports market has been offering enormous business opportunities. Entrepreneurs and companies are in a quest to grab these opportunities and invest in fantasy sports app development. However, most of them look for quick yet effective solutions to start their fantasy sports business. And white-label proves to be their best bet. White-label fantasy sports software helps you to start the business within a few days while saving your time and efforts to a great extent. However, the term white-label may be new for many of you or you might have several doubts regarding developing white-label fantasy sports software. This article will solve your doubts and help you build robust white-label software that can take your business to the next level.

First things first! Let’s get some basic information about white-label development and then get to clearing your doubts.

What is White-label Software Development?

White-label software development aims at developing software that is re-brandable and resellable. One company builds software that can be rebranded and resold by another company as its product. A white label fantasy sports software development solution saves your money and time, as you don’t need to develop the software from scratch. You get feature-rich and robust software ready within a few days for quick market entry.

By using this fantasy sports software, you get an opportunity to build your unique brand name. You can add more features under your brand name, which helps enhance the brand’s visibility in the fantasy sports industry. It is the most effective way for fantasy sports businesses and startups to build their strong presence in the competitive market.

Now you know the benefits of white-label software, let’s understand the development process.

Developing a White-label Fantasy Sports Software

Define Goals

Your first step is to understand and define your objectives for developing this software. Ask a few questions to yourself to get clarity of your goals. What do you want to achieve with this software? Do you want to boost your brand presence with this software? Or Do you just want to make a steady ROI? Where do you wish to see your software in the future?

Once you have accurate answers to these questions and know what exactly you want, you are good to go for the development part. This will make your work a lot easier and meaningful. 


Research is one of the crucial steps when developing fantasy sports software. You must study the fantasy sports market thoroughly and identify some important information required to build cutting-edge software that can beat the competition. You have to research the latest fantasy sports trends, emerging technologies, existing fantasy sports platforms and their issues, the target audience and their expectations, and more. Also, research the sports you want to cover in the software.

Select Reliable Payment Gateway and Data Feed Provider

Offering quick and accurate match updates to the players helps get a better retention and engagement rate. Therefore, you must select the data feed provider wisely. Also, you must choose a trusted payment gateway provider in order to increase the credibility of your software.

Features of White Label Fantasy Sports Software

Once you choose the right providers for data feed and payment gateways, you need to decide the functionality and features of the software. Your fantasy sports software must include all the essential and advanced features that can retain maximum players. Here is a list of some important features you must cover in your software:

User Panel Features

  • Registration/Sign up

User registration is essential in order to ensure platform security and safe gameplay. But, the sign-up process must be quick and easy.

  • Join/Create Contests

This is a crucial feature in fantasy sports software. Users can create their own contests and also join the existing ones by checking important details such as contest type, size, winning amount, winner count, and more.

  • Game Lobby

There should be an exclusive game lobby where users can access different features such as draft types, game types, etc., and start the gameplay easily.

  • Leaderboards

There should be a live leaderboard displaying the names of top players along with their respective scores.

  • Multiple Draft Types

There should be multiple draft options such as auction drafts, offline drafts, quick drafts, and more to allow players to create teams seamlessly.

Admin Panel Features

  • Admin Login

There should be a login system for Admin to ensure secure access to the important user data. 

  • User Account Management

Admin can monitor and manage user accounts easily. Admin should have the right to edit, delete, or suspend a user account.

  • Manage Reports

Admin can track and manage different reports such as player scores reports, results reports, transactions reports, game analytics reports, and more.

  • Notifications Management

Admin can create and send push notifications to the players to inform them about the upcoming matches and latest game updates.

Additional Features

  • Achievement Badges
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Profile Setting
  • Live Chat
  • Referral bonus
  • Multilingual Support
  • Browse and select matches
  • CMS and CRM Integration
  • Multiple Fantasy Game Types

Design and Development

Now you know what features, functionality, and payment gateways to add to the white-label fantasy sports software, it is time to start designing and developing the software.

Focus on designing a user-friendly yet eye-catchy user interface that can engage maximum players and avoid abandonment rate. A complicated UI/UX may confuse the users and make them abandon your software. Thus, try using intuitive and simple design components.

When developing the software ensure to write a scalable code so that it can withstand the growing number of players and their demands. Also, ensure to use the right technology stack. The most common technologies used for developing fantasy sports software are Node.js, React Native, Php, Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Amazon Web Services, and MySql.

Final Thoughts!

Now you have enough information required to kick-start your fantasy sports software development project. It is time to find the right white-label fantasy sports software development company that can help you build scalable, feature-rich, and engaging software. By choosing white-label software solutions you can bypass all the additional legal work and also get a customized and ready-to-launch software.


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