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How to Maintain & Grow Grey Hair and Beard? - Business Post Hub

How to Maintain & Grow Grey Hair and Beard?

grey hair and beard

We all want to look attractive and more assured in our life but for having these features one should first work on his/her body. To make our impression good or to be confident we should maintain our body and looks which is very important nowadays. Most people see grey hair and beard as something that makes them look older and unattractive, which is not true.

Beard and our hairs play a dominant role in our profile so we should maintain them properly. You know facial hairs help in protecting our bodies from bacteria. It also keeps antigen out of our body. People do many things to look attractive like styling their hair and using many types of hair colours to change the colour of their hair. Nowadays grey hair is not only a sign of getting old but also a sign of beauty which makes them trending and attractive. A lot of people now get their hair dyed in a grey colour to get a more bold look.

If you are someone who has started growing grey hair, and would like to get some tips on managing the grey hair on your head and in your beard, this blog will help you get the desired grey hair look. Find your salon online and book my salon instantly to get a step ahead on your desired look.

Tips for Growing Grey Hair and Beard

Some people would like to make their partially grey hair fully grey.

Trim hairs short:

  • To make some exceptional changes in your hair’s natural colour you have to trim it short and contact your hairstylist for a pixie cut for great change.

Grey your roots:

  • Colour roots of your hairs. Use a hair root spray at home or find a hairstylist in your town to get them dyed grey.

Hair glaze:

  • You can use hair glaze serums that highlight the grey hair and make them smoother in order to style them better.

Some healthy hair care habits:

To maintain grey hairs and their shine and prevent colour from fading one should use specialized grey hair shampoo and conditioner. Choose a good quality shampoo and hair product. Follow a healthy routine for your hair care. Deep conditioning and proper washing of hairs is necessary and should be followed religiously. Hot water damages hair, so you should always use cool or lukewarm water at the time of wash.

Furthermore, you should wash your hair once or twice a week. Avoid heat styling of hair as much as possible. Use a cold diffuser for blow-drying. You should also oil your hair every once in a while, and especially before shampooing your hair.

Try to use chemical-free products to protect your hair from roughness and prevent loss of hair colour.

Just like hair, beards also need maintenance and proper care for growth and a lustrous look. In order to grow a thicker and shiny clean beard, you first need to treat your skin and heal it well. Simple things like washing your face with a good chemical-free face wash, moisturising your skin, and taking suitable and useful vitamins will help you make your skin better in a matter of one month.

Some tips to get rid of the patchy beard

If you have a patchy beard and want to grow it fully, here are some tips that can help you to improve your situation:

  • You should grow your beard for at least 90-120 days.
  • You should take a proper diet and sleep to increase growth naturally.
  • Take a bona fide diet and biotin tablets or food like egg yolk, meat, nuts (pecans, peanuts, and walnuts).
  • Style your beard with chemical-free products to prevent chemical damage.
  • Using a derma roller with proper care can help you grow hair and open your follicles.

Benefits of having a beard

Believe it or not, having a beard is good for you! No matter what the colour of your beard, these benefits remain the same.

  • Beard protects our skin from damaging UV rays and the sun’s heat. The intensity of protection depends on the density and thickness.
  • The beard increases the warmth of our body which helps us in winters to keep our body warm.
  • Make people more attractive and reflect the dominant nature of a person.
  • Beard acts as an ordinary moisturizer for our face.
  • Reduces the chance of bacterial infection by adding one more layer of protection (beard).

There are many things people think wrong about beards like beards cause health issues and keep men unhealthy. Some believe bacteria can get stuck in it and can cause bacterial infection. However, if you want to grow your beard long, you should maintain it and keep it clean and you would not experience any infections.

Visiting a salon for Hair Care

Are you planning to visit a salon to one-up your hair care game? Here are some tips that can help you to find the best hair care salon for you:

  • Ask them about the product they are using, ask them about the brand and why they choose it.
  • Must check product expiry and manufacturing details as well as ingredients list on the product to make sure it doesn’t have anything that you’re allergic to.
  • You can try doing a patch test before using hair colour products or any other heavy chemical product that they are using.
  • You should check the product price or service price.
  • You should also get an idea about the experience of your hairstylist to make a better decision on your choice.

The more you know about a hairstylist, the better decision you will be able to make. You do not want to ruin your hair by giving it to the hands of an inexperienced stylist who doesn’t know his thing.

However, no matter what treatment you get done at a hair salon, if you do not follow a healthy hair care routine for your hair, your hair will go back to looking bad in a week or so. The key is to follow a proper routine and amp it up with a healthy diet in order to get the desired quality of hair on your head and your beard without much effort and without having to spend a lot of money on hairstyling.


grey hair and beard

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