Your Go-To Gift Guide For Your Sister’s Graduation Day

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After a hard work and dedication of three to five years, your dearest sister will be out of college with her graduate degree in hand. Isn’t this moment worth celebrating?

Yes, right! Then, let us know how you can make this day the best for her.

From picking up the best online flowers for her to congratulating her on getting a nice solid-colored pants suit for the convocation, we have so much on the list. Make sure that you check out this list of gifts that are just on-point for your sister.

1. Solid Pant Suit

A Pantsuit is your go-to for all the professional and official meets. Your sister’s convocation is indeed one such occasion when she needs to look neat and crisp to get her degree from the Dean. Get a nice lilac or lavender-colored pantsuit which she can pair up with nice nude heels for her special day.

She will certainly get a lot of applause for such a nice outfit for the day. All hail to your fashion sense!!!

2. Personalized Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are made up of endless charms, which will help you create a personalized bracelet for her. These charms are a type of small accessories attached to a bracelet by the experts as per your choice.

There are ample numbers of online websites that nowadays provide you an option of ordering such charm bracelets. Make sure that you pick the best charms out of the entire collection which is presented by them.

3. Bunch of Pink Roses

Pink roses are the epitome of new beginnings.

Hence, choosing to present your sister with a nicely packed bouquet of pink roses will certainly be a great idea. She will be happy to see how you have managed to get the best roses for her on this most special day of her life. Convocations are one of the best times ever, and we certainly assure you that this will be an everlasting surprise that will cherish your sister for coming times.

4. Chocolates, Chocolates, & Chocolates

Chocolates are yet another yummiest delight on the earth, which almost each of us loves to gorge on. From KitKat, Munch, Cadbury, to Ferrero Rocher, there is so much that is on the table for you to serve her with.

You can send flowers to Gurgaon through the best florist who will be able to provide you with bouquets that will not just have flowers in them but also include yummy chocolates. Your sister will feel the luckiest ever to have you in her life. Even if she has fought with you throughout life, this is only the gift that assures you that she will give you a hug.

5. Customized Planner

Custom-made gifts are special and touchy!

Planners are a way for an individual to stay motivated all over the year to work hard towards a goal. Since your sis is ending her journey in one place, it is very sure that she will begin with a new one as soon as possible.

To help her mark the new phase of life, give her a planner that keeps her motivated and boosted for new ventures. She will be happy to see how you are motivating her for the next opportunities, be it a job or further studies.

Hence, getting a customized planner with nice quotes, pictures, and messages from you will always make her happy whenever she opens it.

6. Initial Pendants

The initial pendants are in huge trend these days. They are undoubtedly the most clichéd gifts ever, but they are indeed loved by most of us when given by someone.

Ample numbers of jewellery brands, be it big labels or small businesses, provide these initial pendants at a very legit price. They are available in plain silver color, embellished gold color, or a diamond-studded rose gold pendant.

If you want her to wear this on graduation day, then make sure that you present her with a matching chain along with it. She will be surprised to see how you are so sweet to her, all of a sudden.

Voila! Hope that now you will never fall short of ideas when it comes to surprising your sis.

Lastly, a few tips –

  • Get fresh flowers from the best florist in Gurgaon.
  • Choose the color for her outfit that she loves from the very first day of her life – being precise, pick her favorite color.

Go ahead and make it quick!


send flowers to Gurgaon

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