7 Famous Food Of Indian States



Gujarat has a broad coastline with a ton of fish accessible however the greater part of Gujaratis are vegan because of the impact of Jainism. 

The primary well known Gujarati nourishment is dhokla, fafda, khakhra, khandvi, mukhiya. A Gujarati thali will incorporate roti, rice, dal or kadhi, sabzi, and natively constructed pickle. Mohanthal is additionally a well known Gujarati sweet.

The most notable Gujarati sustenance is springy dhoklas which are venerated as snacks all over India. Dhokla is made of chickpea flour (besan) which is steamed and is eaten with chutney or sauce.


Karnataka has both veggie lovers and non-vegan cooking styles with hot curries and fish claims to fame.

Kannadiga Oota (Kannadiga dinner) recollects the going with dishes for the solicitation showed and is served on a banana leaf: Uppu (salt), Kosambari, Pickle, Palya, Gojju, Raita, Payasa (Kheer), Thovve, Chitranna, Anna (rice), and Tuppa (ghee).

Dosa is the principal thing that springs up at whatever point you discuss Karnataka cooking styles. There is a collection of strategies for serving Dosa Masala dosa have potato filling and are savored the experience of with Sambhar and coconut chutney.


Kerala is encompassed via ocean it is a well-known vacation destination, here you can discover an assortment of both veggie lover and non-vegan dishes with a great deal of fish.

Kerala is in any case called “Spot that is known for Spices” which they use in their culinary capacities Chillies, curry leaves, coconut, mustard seeds, turmeric, tamarind, and asafoetida are once in a while used.

You will find a huge amount of coconuts in the dishes. A segment of the notable dishes are idli, dosa, appam, idiyappam, puttu, and pathiri, here you will find various collections of sambar and rasam. Sadya is a standard veggie darling victory of Kerala when in doubt served on a banana leaf.

The most notable breakfast dish of Kerala is Puttu and Kadala Curry which is steamed rice flour made with loads and we incorporate ground coconut in as fillings.

Madhya Pradesh:

Madhya Pradesh is the center of India and has a lot of delicious extravagances to offer. Whether or not you are a vegetarian or a non-veggie darling you will find sustenance for all.

A part of the well-known sustenance of Madhya Pradesh is Poha, Bhutte Ka Kees, Daal Bafla, Seekh Kebabs, Palak Puri, Bhopali Gosht Korma, Chakki Ki Shaak, kuli, lavang lata, jalebi, and Malpua.

Poha is a well-known dish of Madhya Pradesh it is a light and sound dish, it is made of leveled rice, curry leaves, peanuts, and lemon.


Maharashtra nourishment or Marathi food is viewed as more severe than others since they utilize mellow flavors in dishes. Wheat, rice, jowar, bajri, vegetables, lentils, and natural items are dietary staples.

Maharashtrian dishes are enticing as well as lip-smacking and overly delectable their nourishment is dazzling. Presumably, the most standard dishes are misal, pohe, upma, sheera, sabudana khichadi, thalipeeth, Batata Vada, Pudachi Wadi, Kaju Kothimbir Vadi, Pav Bhaji, Puran Poli and Aamti.

Misal Pav is a notable dish that can be had at whatever point of the day, the hot and tart lentil curry which is made with either developed matki or moth beans/mixed beans and gave Pav bread.


Punjabi cooking styles are mainstream in India as well as in the UK, Canada as well. Horticulture and cultivating are their principal occupation and privately developed nourishment frames the primary elements of dishes.

The most renowned sustenance of Punjab are Chana masala, Chole kulche, Aloo Paratha, Paneer Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Paratha with Curd, Halwa poori, Bhatoora, Falooda, Makhni doodh, Amritsari Lassi, Masala chai, Tea, Amritsari Kulchas, Dahi vada, Dahi, Khoa, Paya, Aloo Paratha with Butter.

They are meat dears likewise Butter Chicken, Bhuna Gosht, Tandoori Chicken and Amritsari Macchi are comparably glorious.

Punjab Sarson Ka Saag Aur Makki Ki Roti is incredibly notable all completed, where Palak, bathua and sarso saag blend makes a sound saag which is eaten with Makki ki roti and part of margarine close by a significant glass of Lassi.


Rajasthan is brilliant in the travel industry as well as in mouth-watering cooking styles. The lack of water and new green vegetables have affected the sustenance cooked in Rajasthan. Their nourishment can keep going for a few days and can be expended without warming.

Well, known Rajasthani sustenance are Bajre ki roti, Lashun ki chutney, Mawa Kachori, Alwar ka mawa, Malpauas, gheriya, Mohan Thaal, Laal Maas, Mirchi Bada, Mohan Maas, Kalakand, Pyaaz Ki Kachori, Gatte, and Kadhi.

Dal Baati Churma is well known all over India and contains crunchy batis dunked in ghee close by red hot daal and sweet churma.



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