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Everything you need to know about finding the right plumber

Everything you need to know about finding the right plumber

Plumber Fixing Sink In Kitchen

A pipe that is leaking, or there’s seepage in the kitchen sink, or maybe you need to redo the plumbing; it is the plumber that you need to call. But with so many options available in the market, how do you decide which one to choose?

If you delay the work, there is a chance that you may end up spending way more than what you should have initially. Also, take into factor the inconvenience that is caused to the family. Then there is the foul smell, water on the floor, seepage damaging your furniture, or the threat to the electrical wiring.

Hiring a plumbing professional, here is what you need to consider:

If you hire a plumber in haste, you end up paying a lot more, while the quality of the work may not even be satisfactory. Therefore, before you hire someone and let them handle the plumbing work, you must consider the factors discussed below:

  • Credentials and Experience

One of the first and the most important thing to look out for is the credentials and the experience of the plumber. If they have been in the profession for a long time, they will fix most of the problems in a jiffy. Also, someone with good credentials and reputation is a safer bet, considering they wouldn’t risk it to save a few bucks by installing sub-quality materials. Installation of sub-quality items is a common problem these days, and you could eliminate it by hiring someone with exemplary credentials.

Checking the reviews and ratings is yet another important factor that you must not ignore. You can also ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations. If someone recommends the plumber you choose, they are more likely to do an efficient job.

Another thing to look out for is whether they have the required licenses and permits from the authorities to carry out the plumbing work. Those with permits are generally trained and have a good grasp of the work.

  • Ability to Meet Deadlines

Do you want the plumbing work to go on forever? No, right. Therefore, before hiring someone for the job, ask for a deadline and their plan for each day. This will help you keep track of the daily work and make out if they would complete the work within the committed deadline. Also, talk to those who have employed their services in the past to know if they can complete the work within the deadline. A day or two of delay is alright but completing a one-month job in two should not be tolerated.

  • Cost Estimate

Before hiring a serviceman to resolve the plumbing issue, always ask for an estimate and individual break up from a few. This would not just help you understand the actual cost involved but would help you chose the one offering a reasonable estimate.

You should never blindly choose the one with the lowest estimate as it would hamper the quality of the quality. Neither should you select the one with the highest quote since their services are overpriced. Select the one that offers the best service at a reasonable price while all the other factors should favour them.

  • Insurance

In plumbing jobs, there is a risk of things going wrong, which becomes a costly affair. Hence, you should choose a plumbing agency with insurance that will cover the damage that might happen during the work. In case you do not check this initially, there is a chance of you either spending a hefty sum on unnecessary repair or fighting a legal case to get reimbursed for the amount.


Selecting a plumber for the job might not seem as arduous as it did earlier. You now know what all to check and the questions you must ask the plumber before handing over the contract. If you get these things right, all you have to do is sit back and relax while the actual work occurs.

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