Emergency Candles

Emergency Candles

Are emergency candles even the best option?

 Emergency candles are the best options in the hours of disaster (in the forest where electricity is not available and in case when you are out of money to buy flashlight batteries or have not solar power flashlights. The things which make the emergency candles, the best option is, being their low-cost produce heat an alternative of heating option.       

Pros of using emergency candles

  • Cheap
  • Reusable
  • Produce heat
  • Do not require any battery
  • Provide protection from short circuits

Cons of using emergency candles

  • After an Earthquake or in case of gas leakage, emergency candles should not be used
  • Tipping over can cause a fire
  • Flickering may cause annoying 
  • For lighting or heating, a lot of emergency candles are needed

What to look for in the best emergency candles

Before buying the best emergency, candles keep in mind a few things such as,

  • Burn time

The light of candles is required from 10 pm to 7 am, the most. So, the burning time should be round about seven hours. A high-quality candle can give you the best burning time of seven hours. 

  • Number of wicks

When we buy a normal candle or emergency candles, we do not bother about wicks. These wicks generally determine the burning quality. Mostly wicks are made of cotton because cotton absorbs the wax effectively and provides the burning for a longer period. The zinc centered wicks flam stands upright better and does not bend. Paper-core wicks burn bright and hot. Cotton blended with special paper filament provides the most controlled flame and longest burning.

  • Scented

Although the emergency candles have some odor, most people do not like it so, such emergency candles are being produced which give some pleasant odor according to the taste of people.

  • Stability

Those emergency candles are considered best which burns for a longer period of seven hours. These emergency candles should not be effective by the atmosphere. Some candles get de-shaped in summer. Candles should persist in extreme weather especially summer.

  • Type of wax

Most candles are made up of paraffin wax and don’t burn for long time. These types of candles can produce a thick soot and allergens or toxins and unpleasant odor. The choice should be candles that are made of soy wax, bee wax or palm wax. These candles burn for a longer period and don’t produce soot, allegiance or toxins. 

Best emergency candles to buy

2. Exotic candle TIN Emergency Beeswax Slow Burn Candle

Company based candle is made up of 100% beeswax made in USA. Its triple wick design is efficient and flexible can be used for many purposes like cooking, lighting, heating and drawing out. These candles work for 4 hours. 


  • Durable and reusable tin container with a lid
  • Available in two sizes (small 2.75 x 0.9 and large 2.95 x 1.85) 


  • Expensive
  • Bad odor
  • Less Burning time

2. Luminescence Emergency Candles

Western Australia’s luminescence company produces these emergency candles made of wax.


  • 3.75 tall and diameter is 0.7
  • Only one color (white)
  • 7 pieces packing


  • Smaller size
  • Burning time 2.5 hours

3. SE OD-3WSC100 3-WICK 36-Hour emergency candle

SE is another brand in emergency candles. 


  • Palm and soy wax
  • Reusable Tin packaging 
  • 3 wicks work for 36 hours each
  • Size 2.75 x 3.13 x 2.75 inches
  • 3.6 oz 


  • Palm and soy wax can cause allergy in some wax 
  • Low light
  • Packaging does not contain any matches. 

How Many Emergency Candles Do You Need?

A. Determine how many hours of lighting you will need per day

Power outages mostly occur in winter. So, long hours are in winter than in other seasons. 3 to 6 hours are needed to be lighted in long winters.

B. How many days are you preparing for?

 There are mostly 1 to 3 days in which you should be prepared for some emergencies in case of a power outage.

C. Now calculate how many hours of lighting you need

Long hours in winter and there is shorter period of the night in summer so, a person can easily calculate how many hours are to be lighted. 7 hours in winter and 5 hours in summer to be lighted.

D. Don’t forget to calculate how much space you need to illuminate

Depending upon the size of the room and area to be illuminated you can use a number of candles. Only one candle is needed to light up a room.

Making Emergency Candles from Household Items

It is very easy to make an emergency candle at home. For this purpose, you just need a wick and one of the materials (Crisco, butter, crayons, a cheese wax and Nutella). T make a candlestick the wick into the material in a container and just light up the wick with a match.

Reusing Emergency Candles

When a candle is burning all of its melted wax is not used. You can pick the spare wax put it in a container get another wick and stick it in and use it again.

Tips for Using Emergency Candles

  • If you want more light then put the burning candle in front of a mirror 
  • While walking doesn’t use candle 
  • Candles should not be used if a person has a pet in the house
  • A burning candle should not be placed on a burnable material


As you know many types of candles are available in the market, buy one according to your need. Emergency candles should be present in a house you can need them at any time in case of power goes out. These candles are less expensive so, use them as an alternative.


Emergency Candles

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