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Empty Corners? Here’s How to Fill These Corners and Make It Look Elegant

Empty Corners? Here’s How to Fill These Corners and Make It Look Elegant

We decorate our house by putting on some objects and items that will make the house more elegant. However, we sometimes overdo it. So, we leave some corners untouched. But these specific corners can be seen to be boring. It is odd to look at a corner of the house being so dull and boring while some areas are not. Remember the rule of the thumb in interior designing—balance and symmetry. Without making it overly done, you can decorate your house without leaving any room for dullness. that has If this is one of your struggles at home, then you just in the right page.

Don’t freak out about empty corners. I am going to state tips on how to fill these empty corners and turn it into an elegant and relaxing spaces.

  1. Hang on art decors

We all love seeing art! To transform an empty corner, you can hang your favorite artwork there. It can be a painting of your favorite artist/s or it can be your own. If you wish it to make your house more personalize, you can also hang a big picture frame showing who you are. In this way, your visitors will love looking at all that are hung there on your wall. In addition, use cute and elegant picture frame to give more texture to the paintings or pictures.

  • Add plants

Another way to decorate an empty corner is to put on some plants there. There are numbers of indoor plants that you can use to put on the empty corner. Plants can create a relaxing atmosphere and you can literally feel the fresh breeze coming from the outside. Indoor plants also can help you feel relax while calmly sitting on the living room. Furthermore, you can place many indoor plants if you like. Just make sure that it is not overly done.

  • Paint the wall

We mentioned about hanging paintings on the wall. However, if you want it to be more dramatic. You can hire a painter and paint a scenery in the empty wall. Or if you are a painter yourself, then you can make use of your talent and creativity to pull off this idea. However, this does not apply if your house theme is minimalism. But if you want your house to be as decorative as possible, then there is no problem with it at all.

  • Place a chaise lounge

Chaise lounge is a chair that has only one end. It is one of the many favorite chairs of homeowners because aside from its uniqueness in form, it can also add elegance to your house. you can place your chaise lounge in an empty corner and throw some beautifully done cushions in it. By this way, your empty corner will not look dull and boring at all.

  • Place a decorative table

Another idea aside from a chaise lounge is placing a decorative table in the empty corner. Get your favorite table with its exemplary durability and style, then, place it in the empty corner. You can top it with a table cover made with finest fabric from Yorkshire Fabric Shop. It will surely add elegance to your empty corner.

  • Create a reading corner

The last design idea for an empty corner is creating a reading corner. Some homeowners really construct and build a library or some would do a smaller one. Yet, for houses that has limited space and room, you can make use of a corner. An empty corner can go a long way through turning it into a reading corner. Place a shelf and pile your favorite books there. Then, put an accent chair UK from Yorkshire Fabric Shop and top a decorative cushion in it. Lastly, put a desk and put a lampshade there to brighten that corner. And there you have it, you have now maximized your space.

There are many creative and innovative ways to turn an empty corner into an elegant space. Do not stress out yourself in finding what to add in your home decoration. Instead, follow these simple ideas and enjoy the atmosphere and ambiance of your house.


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