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Types of Commercial Kitchen Faucets | Business Post Hub

Types of Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Commercial Kitchen Fountains are mostly used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc. but if you’re looking for a better quality faucet then there’s no reason why not to get one installed in your own home kitchen. Some serious home chefs even prefer a professional or semi-professional Kitchen Fountains because regular faucets simply don’t hold up as well to the daily demands of commercial cooking. If you want a professional looking faucet then look for a dealer who sells faucets designed by well-known chefs.

The first thing you need to know about when it comes to getting the right faucet for your kitchen is the material from which it will be made. Many commercial faucets use a variety of materials including brass, copper, stainless steel, copper plated, glass, pewter and other metals. These are all different materials with their own unique properties. Copper is a very durable material that is usually used to make kitchen sinks.

Other than the type of material a commercial kitchen faucet will be made from, you also have to take into consideration the design. There are two basic styles for sinks in modern day kitchens. The classic basin style, or the drop and spout style.

Commercial Kitchen Faucets that are designed in the classic basin style will have one basin mounted on a metal spout, and then a large bowl placed atop it. The bowl can be decorated with crystal or stainless steel hooks and a wooden handle. Some people prefer these faucets because they are less obtrusive.

Drop and spout faucets come in a number of different styles. They often have a small basin attached to a large spout on one side. The spout is normally mounted either under the sink or just above it. This type of faucet can have many small handles that you will hang your towels or coffee cups on, or place things like pots and pans on top of.

Sinks with drop-and-spout features are ideal for kitchens where the sink is used to wash dishes. or prepare food. Drop-and-out sinks have a small basin, a spout and then a smaller basin with a dish hanger below it.

Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Finally, commercial kitchen faucets that are made out of glass can be very pretty. Some are very intricately decorated with filigree designs, and others may be plain with just a simple pattern. Some may feature an etched glass pattern or be colored glass. Glass is a very popular choice for bathroom sinks as it is both beautiful and resistant to stains and is easy to maintain.

All in all, you have many different types of commercial kitchen faucets to choose from and there are many companies out there selling them. Before you choose a faucet, ask some questions such as: Are the edges of the fixture smooth and rounded or sharp; is it available with a non-porous design; are there parts that may dent and scratch?

Another important consideration when purchasing commercial kitchen faucets is whether or not they are compatible with other kitchen appliances such as microwaves, blenders, refrigerators and dishwashers. If you are having trouble finding a commercial faucet that works well with your kitchen, consider having it custom made. This way it will fit perfectly and it will be sure to give the look that you want.

When shopping for commercial kitchen faucets, consider the fact that there are many styles available. There are contemporary styles that are very simple, while there are some that are very intricate and elaborate. There is also a very wide range of finishes available, from bronze and copper to stainless steel and iron.

Glass styles tend to be the most expensive but they tend to be the most stylish. If you are planning on using one of these styles in your kitchen, make sure to get it sealed in a high quality resin. which will provide added durability.

You may also want to think about the type of finish that your commercial kitchen faucets will have. Some colors are better suited to counter tops than others. For example, clear glass is typically best if you want to show off the beauty of the fixture, while frosted glass will help to prevent the bathroom from being stained.


Commercial Kitchen Faucets

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