How often should Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Services be Utilised?

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Services

Commercial air conditioning is quite common. It is used in many offices. It is now found in all multinational companies for a comfortable and productive environment. However, maintaining modern commercial air conditioning systems is another story. Although they are highly effective, especially in summer, keeping them in peak performance is time-consuming. Commercial air conditions also require servicing, for which you can call services like commercial air duct and dryer vent cleaning Alpharetta GA.

But the question here is how often you should service commercial air conditioners? So let’s first discuss why servicing is necessary.

Commercial air condition service, and Why Should You Service Office Air Conditioners?

New modern commercial air conditioners don’t have much sound, but their performance is top-notch. Unfortunately, since commercial air conditioning has lots of essential equipment, it often requires timely servicing to keep its peak performance. But over time, air conditioners will collect dust that starts accumulating in air ducts. 

Does your Air Conditioner Unit in Need of a Service?

Usually, it takes longer to consider cleaning commercial air conditioners as time-consuming and expensive. However, some signs that point out any issues in your air conditioner unit are as follows.

Unusual Noises 

if you hear unusual noises in your air conditioner unit, you probably got some clogging that needs your attention. Usually, it’s because of filters that may need changing, but an inspection will let you know the details.

Cooling takes longer 

If your air conditioner takes longer to cool your room, it means the coolant level is low. 

Unusual Rise in Energy Bills? 

When you find your energy bills rising, it means your air conditioner is having some problems. The rise in temperatures can be due to clogged ducts blocking cool airflow and making air conditioners work harder, hence a rise in bills. It’s time to call a commercial air duct and dryer vent cleaning Alpharetta GA service to have your ducts inspected and cleaned.

Haven’t you used an Air Conditioner for a while?

Sometimes the air conditioner unit remains unused for a long period. It works, but it will need some servicing. For example, if you buy a new place or a commercial unit that has been closed for a year or two, it needs servicing.

Air Conditioner Unit is crying.

If you see drops of water coming through your unit or ducts, it may have a buildup of mildew that can be harmful to your health. Therefore, you should have ducts and the air conditioning unit cleaned as soon as possible.

It Runs in Dry or Dusty Weather Condition

Sometimes, weather conditions cause the air conditioner unit to malfunction. For example, dust and debris collect in ducts, causing the air conditioner to cause issues.  An inspection from time to time is useful in this scenario.

Continuous working without any breaks

 Have it checked and maintained, and give your air conditioner a break. It deserves it.

What do they check during an inspection of a commercial air conditioner?

Each maintenance inspection is different, as commonly referenced by commercial air duct and dryer vent cleaning Alpharetta GA. They inspect every part of your system to make sure everything is working in optimal condition.

Here are some things a maintenance technician will check:

STEP 1 : 

First of all, they will inspect all the ductwork and its outlets. Second, they need to know all the duct ways to work on their cleaning and maintenance effectively.

STEP 2 :

Next comes the filters. We usually forget about them. Filters should be the first thing to get a wash. It is essential to clean them.

Step 3 : 

next on the list is air duct inspection. It determines what method they will use for cleaning.

STEP 4 : 

Testing system thermostat or system’s reverse valve. By testing your system by switching it between heating and cooling modes, you can test the functions of your thermostat and whether the system’s reverse valve is working fine or not.

STEP 5 : 

Corrosion or rust marks. A sign of mold or mildew is when you see corrosion or rust marks on your air conditioner unit. It is a sign that your system needs repairs soon before the damage gets worse.

STEP 6 : 

Drainage inspection is also useful but, in most cases, not needed. For example, each air conditioning unit has a drainage pipe where the water goes to the sewerage system. But sometimes, it may lead outside your commercial building. Here it needs to be checked if the water is coming out as it should or not.

STEP 7: 

lubrication is needed for many parts. Your technician will check for these parts and keep them lubricated and well maintained for their efficient running.

There are certain things that you can check yourself, and there is no substitute for having a regular professional heating and air conditioning service in Alpharetta, GA. In addition, you will get an expert to perform maintenance calls in your commercial office or building.

How often or when to schedule my Commercial AC Maintenance?

Most experts and heating and air conditioning service Alpharetta GA will recommend at least an annual service of your HVAC system unit. Also, having your unit inspected twice a year is recommended to keep it functioning properly.

However, servicing can depend on many factors that may require an early inspection and cleaning. Therefore, it is also recommended that you schedule an inspection just before summer. Because in summer, your system works the hardest, and most system breakdowns occur in the burning heat.

A well-maintained commercial air conditioner unit helps you reduce your energy usage, operating costs, and improve indoor air quality. It also eliminates unusual, expensive repairs and ensures your investment works for years to come.

If you still haven’t had your commercial air conditioner inspected, you can do so by calling a commercial air duct and dryer vent cleaning Alpharetta GA service today.


Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Services

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