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Top 7 Best Magento 2 Extensions which you must buy

Magento 2 Extensions

Every e-commerce store is looking for Magento 2 Extensions to grow its brand. Everyone around the globe is looking for methods to meet customer expectations through their store. Magento Extensions helps to redesign your store quickly and improve the user experience that will boost your sales. 

What is the perfect time to invest in the Magento 2 Extensions?

Every online store owner gets stuck when it comes to knowing the features and functionalities of a successful business. It is crucial to have a list of requirements for your platform to run this process successfully. 

Some benefits of integrating Magento 2 Extensions are: 

  • This is time-saving as you just need to go through the installation process to add new features and functionalities to your e-commerce store. 
  • It provides you the ability to optimize your store and gain a better presence in the digital world. 
  • It helps you deliver a better customer experience with unique features and functionalities
  • It helps to manage the delivery of products and services on time. 
  • The Magento Marketplace saves the cost of development and provides compatibility with your e-commerce store

Which Magento 2 Extensions will help to boost your performance? 

  1. Indian GST Magento 2 Extension 

This helps to handle the GST for your store as per the Indian Government Tax rules and regulations. The Indian GST Magento 2 Extension will calculate and apply the GST to your products. The main aim of the Magento 2 Extension is to meet the norms of tax rules. 

The pricing will be displayed separately on the checkout pages. Some noteworthy features of this extension are: 

  • Admin gets the freedom to set the GST rate 
  • As a store owner, you can easily enable and disable the module 
  • Admin also gets the permission to set the minimal limit of GST on the products
  • It is vital to add the origin of business which helps customers to see the IGST, CGST, or SGST
  1. Advance Report Magento 2 Extension 

E-commerce business is constantly evolving, which makes it vital to know the performance of your business at regular intervals. This analytical tool will help to track the strengths and weaknesses of your business. The Advanced Reports Magento 2 Extension will provide you access to the dynamic reports generated using product details, orders, and customer information. 

Some unique features of this Magento 2 Extension are:

  • It gives you advanced summary reports using sales data. 
  • Admin gets access to data such as top searched keywords, inventory reports, customer summary, and more. 
  • You can get the reports through Email using CRON 
  • As an admin, you get the freedom to install and uninstall modules without affecting your store
  • This extension will help you look at the traffic and conversion rate
  1. Voice Search Magento 2 Extension 

It is known to be the perfect technology for the customers. It lets them access their favorite products using voice queries. Once you integrate this Magento 2 Extension in your store, customers do not have to type names instead, click on the voice icon and speak out. 

Some unique functionalities of this extension are:

  • Voice search will help to make your platform user-friendly. 
  • You get access to lifetime updates for this Magento 2 Extensions 
  • The installation process is free of cost 
  • It has a Recognition devices scope 
  1. Progressive Web Apps Magento 2 Extension

The Magento 2 PWA Extension helps to provide a mobile-like experience to the customers. The Progressive Web Applications is the innovation standard for websites. They are lightweight, consume less memory, and are quicker. 

Some noteworthy features of this extension are: 

  • It gives an app-like experience once you enable the full-screen or standalone mode option for the customers.
  • Provides the option to personalize the splash screen background 
  • Supports Magento 2.1.x. and Magento 2.2.x. 
  1. Blur Image Lazy Loader Magento 2 Extension

It is crucial to provide a smooth user experience in your e-commerce store. The main aim of the image lazy loader Magento 2 Extension is to improve the page loading speed by 70%. Ecommerce websites have large images, which affects the page load time, which might increase the bounce rate. 

The main advantages of using this Magento 2 Extension are: 

  • Decrease the bounce rate due to slow loading pages. 
  • It will help to enhance the website’s SEO rankings. As page loading speed is one of the ranking parameters used by the search engines
  • You can save server bandwidth and some money
  • Loads the blurred image first to improve the user experience. 
  1. PayPal Multicurrency Magento 2 Extension

This allows the customers to complete online transactions in their desired currency through PayPal. As a Magento store owner, you need to target a global audience at a certain point which means accepting payments in multiple currencies. 

Some unique functions of PayPal Multi-currency Magento 2 Extension are:

  • Supports all the currencies used in the PayPal standard and PayPal express payment 
  • Admin can accept payments in various other currencies than the base currency
  • Allows the customers to complete the payment in their currency 
  • It provides effortless installation 
  1. Cancel Order Magento 2 Extension 

This extension will automatically cancel the pending requests after a specific time as decided by the admin. The auto-cancel feature applies to the products whose payments have not been processed. 

The key features of the cancel order Magento 2 Extension are: 

  • Customers can send the request to cancel specific orders 
  • Admin has the liability for viewing the requests of cancellation through admin panel or mail 
  • As an admin, you can process or cancel the request 
  • Customers get notifications for the successful cancellation of the order 
  • The module is easy to install and manage 


We have shared the list of Magento 2 extensions that will be worth your investments. As an e-commerce store, you need to provide a customer-friendly environment and generate profits. These extensions help to improve performance and boost sales for your business. 


Magento 2 Extensions

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