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Bangalore’s Best Motorbike Clubs | Business Post Hub

Bangalore’s Best Motorbike Clubs

Bangalores Best Motorbike Clubs

Bangalore’s Best Motorbike Clubs

The roads of Bangalore are jammed most times but still we can find bikers almost on every street. The love for bikes and riding shared amongst the folks of Bangalore is massive. Almost everyone here prefers bikes in the first place since the city is packed with cars and what not! When it comes to motorbike clubs, there are many in Bangalore. Some of the bike clubs have been established a decade back and some, a couple years back. Nevertheless, these clubs are filled with friendly individuals who all join together to make bike riding a much more fun and memorable experience. Here’s Bangalore’s Best Motorbike Clubs, by Hoopy Doorstep Bike Service

Yamaha’s Riders Club

This club is an all biker’s club, dedicated to the brand of Yamaha. This club was formed in the year of 2012. These heavy bikers can be seen revving inside the city, but mostly they rev outside the city, venturing to new places every month. All their adventures are up on their Facebook page. Joining this club isn’t hard unless your riding skills are on a down-low. You can tell them your passion for riding and join them for 3 rides to approve a membership in the club.

Riders of Bangalore

The riders of Bangalore have one motto and that is, to explore the world on their bikes. This adventurous club was started in 2011. The club is any-brand friendly which means you don’t need to have a particular brand or bike to join the club. They do short ride that last for a day, longer road trip vacations etc. They also ride on various causes like Blood Donation Drives & Road and Traffic Safety. Their biggest event is the club anniversary where a ton of bikers celebrate together.

The Roaring Pistons Bangalore

This club is known for escaping the traffic of the city every month. The Roaring Pistons Bangalore is a bike club exclusively for KTM bikers. These bikes own the highways, and their goal is to ride long distances in measured durations. Joining this club would be worth it if you have a KTM.

Bangalore Motorcycle Club

BMC is one of Bangalore’s favourite motorbike clubs. It was started in the year 2011 by Mr. Niranjan Prasad, who is a bike lover and an employee of Royal Enfield. This club does a lot of fund raising for the society. They also have various fun rides, other kinds of together and adventures. They make riding super fun and allow any bike with a minimum of 150cc and of any brand. This is the club for you if you’re looking to have run riding and at the same time, contribute to the society. 

Royal Knights Motorcycle Club

On the off chance that there’s a biker club in Bangalore really committed to biking in the best soul, it’s the Royal Knights Motorcycle Club. They do a week by week get together in the most happening places in the city that you wouldn’t mull over going along with them for a speedy cuppa! In case you’re new to the city, we encourage you to join the Royal Knights Motorcycle Club as they will cause you to feel at home away from home. A year ago, they rode to Goa to commend their commemoration and you wager it was firing up!

Bajaj Avenger Club

Bajaj Avenger Club (BAC) is the largest representation of Avenger across the globe. The tagline of the club is Blood in Tank, Fuel in Veins and it believes in safe riding and group riding. The club has 11 chapters across India with 3000+ members, and 1 chapter in Bogota, Colombia. Founded in 2012 by Srinidhi Hebbur, the club is managed by Srinidhi Hebbur, Siddharth Selvarajan and Ankit Gandhi. The club’s Bengaluru chapter has 550+ members. The club is associated with the orphanage Sneha Jyoti in Bidadi.

Bangalore Classic Scooter Club

Yeah you read right. There is a club in Bangalore for avid scooter riders too. The Bangalore Classic Scooter Club is all about cool vintage scooters and other scooter brands that have stood strong in the tests of time. If you think this club doesn’t have potential, think again because they have over 2000 members and counting. This club allows people to relive their younger days where scooters were prominent. You have found brands like Bajaj, Vespa, Honda and all the other brands. They usually go short rides and road trips to different places periodically. 

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