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Advantages of using Small Sizes Bathroom Tiles | Business Post Hub

Advantages of Using Small Bathroom Tile Sizes

Bathroom Tiles

From interior areas like bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen to your exterior areas, tiles can really style up and beautify your space. Now-a-days floor and wall tiles are available in multiple options of sizes and patterns.  The debate is whether to choose small sized bathroom tiles or large format tiles. Small sized tiles have been an ever-green option and are suited for any area type. These tiles are also a great choice for people who are open to create unconventional look for their spaces. They help in adding a great depth to make the space feel fancier and rather out-of-the-box.

 Here are a few advantages of using small sized Bathroom tiles:

  1. Easy Transport and laying

Due to their small sized packages, these tiles are lighter and are much easier to carry across. Any mode of transportation is super convenient to be used for these tiles. Small size of the tiles also helps in reducing the wastage due to breakage while transportation. Apart from transportation, installation of small sized tiles is also very easy and speedy.

  • Mix and match combination

Small tiles are the best when one wants to create personalized look for their outdoor space. They can be freely combined with multiple varieties of tiles. Great wall and floor decors can be created by using different re-arranged small tiles. Areas especially like patios and outdoor recreational spaces generally have more scope of experimentation. For them small sized Bathroom tiles give an opportunity for increased self-expression and creative freedom.

  • Minimal losses during installation

Due to easy installation procedure of small tiles, the fitting wastage is also minimal. Small tiles can be easily cut and placed for the artistic corners that have curves and angles. This ensures proper coverage and less wastage. These can be easily adjusted such that the need for tile cutting is minimized.

  • Variety of patterns and colours available

Unlike large format tiles, small tiles are available in plethora of colours, styles and patterns. These tiles can be re-arranged in multiple patterns so as to create diverse and unique look using the same or different tiles. An availability of rich collection of multiple colours is a big plus point. Small tile’s mesmerizing patterns with bold pop of colours is just what you need to make a fresh statement.

Pavit Ceramics has a monopoly in producing the best variety of small sized bathroom tiles. These tiles can used beautifully to enhance the magnificence of your home indoors and outdoors. The assortment of colours and tile texture that Pavit provides is unmatchable. So if you are looking to create some eccentric designs for your area, small sized tiles are your option.


Bathroom Tiles

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