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Did you know that heavy rainfall can directly attack your outdoor tiles, parking tiles, and exterior tiles? The central issue of heavy rainfall is that it causes damage to these tiles by losing them over time. The reason is the paste that is holding your flooring tile is gradually deteriorating its strength due to the presence of excess moisture. When you are building your outdoor, exterior, and parking areas, you must make sure that tiles are properly placed so that water cannot pool on top of your tiles for a long time. Your tiles should not penetrate rainwater because they can damage the floor tiles and tile itself.

In monsoon, if your outdoor tiles, exterior tiles, and parking tiles are not sticking to the floor as they are supposed to be, then it is a clear sign that your floor tiles are damaged by rainwater. So, in this blog, we will give you 5 tips to keep in mind while selecting monsoon-friendly tiles.

5 tips to make your floor monsoon friendly

The following are the considerations that you need to keep in mind while purchasing or changing your outdoor tiles, exterior tiles, and parking tiles.

  • Strength of tile: Unlike indoor tiles, exterior tiles, outdoor tiles, and parking tiles should be more strong and able to stand against heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. The strength of these tiles depends upon the type and level of use. For instance, parking tiles not only hold the foot traffic but also heavy vehicles. So, the strength of parking tiles guarantees the safety of your vehicle.
  • Water Resistant: While selecting outdoor tiles, exterior tiles, and parking tiles these flooring tiles mustn’t retain water. The more water tiles will retain the more tile damage will occur in the future. The vitreous tiles are best as they absorb less than 3% of water and save your floor in the monsoon season.
  • Texture and slip-resistant: The features such as texture and slipperiness of outdoor tiles, exterior tiles, and parking tiles are more important than indoor tiles. Moistures can easily enter into the terrace tiles, pool tiles, and balcony tiles so the texture of these tiles must have some roughness that helps the users from getting slipped. When you choose the material make sure that it is right for your outdoor, exterior, and parking space.
  • Weather Conditions: If you are living in an area that is exposed to rainfall, freezing, and thawing frequently in the year then you require outdoor tiles, exterior tiles, and parking tiles that can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature changes. When water is absorbed by tiles and freezes inside it, then in the long run it will crack your tiles and break the grout of tiles. For instance, porcelain tiles do not crack in monsoon due to heavy rainfall or hard weather conditions.
  • Tile Material: Ceramic tiles are traditionally accepted for outdoor, exterior and parking space as it carries a PEI rating indicating sufficient strength. But as it is not strong for other use, it is generally applied in sit-out, balcony, and walkway space. Whereas, porcelain tiles are strong, dense, thick, and sturdy forms of ceramic tiles so they can easily protect your outdoor tiles, exterior tiles, and parking tiles from heavy rainfall and thunderstorms.

Thus, make sure you are selecting proper outdoor tiles, exterior tiles, and parking tiles so that you don’t have to worry about rainfall damages in the future. If you need help in selecting monsoon-friendly tiles then Pavit Ceramics is here to help you out. Our professional staff will make sure that your outdoor, exterior, and parking space is built strong and beautiful as per your needs. Visit Pavit Ceramics for selecting the best monsoon-friendly tiles.



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